This room has a seating capacity of up to 10 people. The room is connected to Lounge 2 via double doors. However, these doors are locked unless specified to ensure privacy.

The room includes comfy chairs with coffee tables. However, these can be removed and a more formal layout can be provided if required.

There are various ways this room can be laid out. These include; U-shape or Circle style. Tables can also be provided if required.

The room has various levels of lighting to suit all occasions.

This room is only for hire if necessary as it includes the Centre's main Utility Area.

The room also has a removable Child Safety Gate closing off the Utility Area to the rest of the room. However, the Utility Area can be accessed if required.

We can also provide various equipment (included in room hire price) such as TV, Video/DVD, CD player, flipchart (without paper) and OHP.



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